Welcome to the LoopAuditioneer homepage!

A screenshot showing the LoopAuditioneer GUI LoopAuditioneer is a software for evaluating, creating and manipulating loops and cues existing in wav file metadata. It's envisionaged to be useful for sample production for virtual pipe organs, like for instance GrandOrgue software.

The reason for it's existance is that the author, Lars Palo, felt that no available software on the Linux platform had the necessary capabilities for sample processing. On the Windows platform several alternatives existed, but no really good free ones there either.

LoopAuditioneer however is free, Open Source software released under GNU/GPLv3.

What LoopAuditioneer can do:

What you need

If you use the pre-compiled executables for windows then no additional software is required, but the folder layout must be kept so that the icons will be found. On Linux, wxWidgets must be present as it's dynamically linked (unicode version). The normal version available in Ubuntu repositories will work fine. Remember that if you create a program starter the executable must be run in the folder where it exist to find the icons.

If you want to compile from the source code, it's available with SVN on sourceforge. But then you'll need some more software installed. See the install instruction text files for more details.

Credit to others works

LoopAuditioneer uses a custom version of libsndfile for file I/O handling that contain a few modifications by Lars Palo to allow for cue handling and correct MIDIPitchFraction numbers. The modified source is available in the lib-src folder on sourceforge accessible by SVN.

For sound the RtAudio library is used.

The FFT routines is taken from the Audacity source and (FFT.cpp and FFT.h) has been slightly modified to better be integrated into LoopAuditioneer.

The algorithm for pitch detection in the time domain is taken and adapted from a discussion on the GrandOrgue mailing list.

The icons (except the application logo created by Lars Palo), is a small subset of a collection available at http://www.small-icons.com/packs/24x24-free-pixel-icons.htm and is distributed under a Creative Commons 3.0 license. According to user agreement a link to http://www.aha-soft.com/ is provided here.